Focusing Rail Rack with Q-Mount XD Quick Release Base

Focusing Rail Rack with Q-Mount XD Quick Release Base

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  • The CASTEL-XQ-II is an extremely flexible focusing rack with a unique Q+XMOUNT cross quick release mount. This allow the camera to be rotated 90˚ without moving the rack or tripod
  • Lenses with collars can be used and rotated from horizontal to vertical without having touch the rack or your tripod.
  • Using a second CASTEL-Q, XQ II or L on top creates a cross focusing rail for precise camera movement in the X and Y axis. The mount is ARCA compatible camera- and has both 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 threads
  • Max travel distance, using both the upper and lower levels: 14.8”; Adjustment range with a complete rotation of the drive wheel: 15mm (0.6”)
  • Weight: 1.48 lbs. German engineered and manufactured
The CASTEL-XQ II being only 25cm (9.84 in) in length offers a camera movement of 37.5cm (14.8 in)! The new and integrated Q=MOUNT XD cross quick-release unit slides on top of the rail, while the rail itself can be moved in very fine increments by the lower sliding block. This creates double the travel distance, a standard focusing rail could provide. For the first time ever a 90°-cross mounting will be possible while utilizing only one quick-release. Macro lenses with tripod collar and cameras with mounted battery grips can now be turned from landscape to portrait orientation without having to buy additional spacer plates, etc. The use of the NOVOFLEX slide copying attachment CASTEL-COP DIGI is possible even so the mounting on top of already existing quick release units (ARCA-compatible) from NOVOFLEX and other manufacturers as well. When attaching a second focusing rack such as the NOVOFLEX CASTEL-L, CASTEL-Q or CASTEL-XQ II a cross focusing rack is available within seconds allowing for precise movement in 2 axes.

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