About Us

Tools that inspire us to use them, that stimulate creativity, that bring us pleasure as soon as we take them into our hands, are more than a means to an end for their owners. Their value triggers emotions that affect the work. They give the owner the assurance that he has made the best possible choice. NOVOFLEX creates such tools for photographers.

Tools with features that show that they were made to create something of value. They are the result of considerations that have but one objective: To further photography and to perfect the results. Just as photographers strive to achieve the best possible picture, so does NOVOFLEX design and produce tools that support their quest. Tools with which the limitations of an outfit can be reduced and that make the impossible photo possible.

In the think tank department of NOVOFLEX ideas are refined to make the perfect tool for the perfect picture even better.

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  • 2013

    Development and introduction of the new and innovative TrioPod-tripod system. Adapter for Visoflex II/III-lenses to Leica M-mount cameras.

  • 2009

    Introduction of third party lens adapters for the MicroFourThirds camera system EISA Award in the category “Best Photo Accessory 2009-2010” for the QuadroPod-system

  • 2008

    World premiere of the first 4 legged, modular tripod system “QuadroPod”

  • 2006

    Development of the VR System PRO panoramic system for creating multi-row/spherical panoramas

  • 2004

    Launch of high-end Classic Ball 5 ball head, development of slide copying device CASTEL-COP-DIGI

  • 2001

    a third MagicBall completes the set: “the UNIVERSAL”- MB 50

  • 1997

    Development of shift bellows for photography and digital photography for Rollei, Braunschweig, Germany

  • 1996

    Novoflex changes ownership and relocates to another production facility Name changed to Novoflex Präzisionstechnik GmbH. Development of ball & socket head MagicBall and the reverse adapter ring EOS-RETRO

  • 1998

    Design Prize for MagicBall. Development and production of the “MagicBall Mini” and the Panorama Plate Development of the Shift-Tilt-Adapter for Digital cameras for Leica, Solms, Germany

  • 1994

    Development of MiniConnect Quick Release

  • 1987

    Development and production of automatic bellows with electrical transmission for Canon EOS. First internal focusing Rapid Focus Lens 2.8/300 with Tamron-Optik

  • 1986

    Development and production of 60-300mm Rapid Focus Zoom Lenses with Tamron-Optik

  • 1982

    Development and production of the 200mm Rapid Focus Lens

  • 1972

    Prism viewfinder with a exposure meter for the HASSELBLAD camera made by Hasselblad, Sweden, Flash holder X-Shoe

  • 1967

    Development and production of the first bellows with automatic aperture functionality for the MINOLTA SR-T 101 for Minolta Camera, Japan

  • 1962

    Development and production of the Macro wide angle lens 1:3.5/35mm. Development and production of the automatic 105mm and 135mm lens heads with a double cable release for the bellows

  • 1955

    Development and production of the first NOVOFLEX Follow Focus Lenses

  • 1950

    NOVOFLEX registered as brand name

  • 1948

    Founded by Karl Müller Sr., Photographer and Photography shop owner