Tripod Base w/ Integrated Leveller

Tripod Base w/ Integrated Leveller

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  • The TrioBalance Tripod Base features an integrated leveling head a panning base and a Q-quick release clamp. The leveler allows for 15˚ adjustments in all directions.
  • Leg connections can be angled at 20˚, 40˚, 60˚ and 87˚. Choose a set of Carbon Fiber or Aluminum Legs to complete your support system. Legs are not included!
  • The panning base has click stops of 60˚, 45˚, 36˚ and 7.5˚ as well as stepless rotation. The Q-quick release is an Arca-compatible clamp.
  • 2.4x3 in (6x7.5 cm) Weight: 470g (1.04 lbs) 1/4”-20 Stud for easy connection to compatible tripod heads
  • German engineered and manufactured
This item has been discontinued
TRIOBAL=Q 6/8 is equipped with an integrated leveller which allows for an adjustability of 15° in all directions, a panorama panning base which permits indexing “on the fly” and a Q=MOUNT QR-unit which is ARCA-compatible. The base allows for four leg angles of 20°, 40°, 60°, and 90°.
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Limited 2-Year Warranty
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