VR-System III Single Row Panorama System

VR-System III Single Row Panorama System

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  • The VR-SYSTEM III is an easy to use single row panorama mount that makes capturing up to 360˚ panoramic images perfect by rotating around a nodal point.
  • Depending on camera and lenses, files of view up to 360˚ horizontally and 120˚ vertically are possible.
  • Recommended lenses: wide angle lenses with a minimum of 10mm focal distance ands standard lenses and zooms up to 135mm
  • Built-in click stops in the lower panning base at 48 clicks (7.5°), 36 (10°), 30 (12°), 16 (22.5°) degrees and stepless (360°).
  • Weight: 960 g (2.1 lbs) Tripod sockets: 1/4” and 3/8” German engineered and manufactured
Warranty Length:
Limited 2-Year Warranty
Maximum Payload Capacity (kg):
Maximum Payload Capacity (lb):
Base Diameter (in):
The Panorama VR-System III was developed for the photographer, who prefers the classic, single row cylindrical or flat panorama and who appreciates the simple and handy design of the system. It is of special interest for nature photographers doing panoramic shooting as well as macro and landscape photography, using the focusing rack and L bracket for other tasks, too.

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