Shift Adapter for BALPRO-1 and BALPRO-T/S

Shift Adapter for BALPRO-1 and BALPRO-T/S

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  • Bellows Shift adapter for BALPRO-1, BALPRO-T/S and CASTBAL-PRO
  • Accepts NOVOFLEX A-Mount camera adapters (CANA-AF, FUXA, NIKA, PENTA, etc.)
  • Dimensions : 105 × 125 mm (4,13 × 4,92”)
  • German engineered and manufactured
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Limited 2-Year Warranty
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Fitted to a NOVOFLEX BALPRO-bellows, the NOVOFLEX PROSHIFT+ is used to take 2 or 3 individual shots using parallel shift and multiple exposures. These partial images are then merged automatically to a complete image using an appropriate program (Canon Photo Stitch, Photoshop CS Photomerge, etc.). Photomerge has an advantage here because it supports fine corrections of the individual images at separate levels. The image or file size, and thus the print quality is increased 2x to 2.4x, depending on the sensor size. To obtain 3 separate files suitable for mounting, the lighting should be identical and the exposure setting (shutter speed/aperture) plus the white balance should be fixed manually.