Macro Auto Lens Reversing Adapter Canon EOS

Macro Auto Lens Reversing Adapter Canon EOS

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  • Mount Canon EOS lenses in reverse with full automatic control for extreme close-up photography.
  • The connection rings allow complete control of lens functions including autofocus and aperture control.
  • Can be combined with all NOVOFLEX universal bellows systems for even greater magnifications of up to 6:1 and higher.
  • Simply attach the lens with the included 58mm filter thread. Stepping rings are available separately for other lens filter thread sizes.
  • Supplied with a multi-layer filter to protect the rear element of your lens. German engineered and manufactured
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The automatic NOVOFLEX Reverse Adapter opens up the world of extreme close-up photography with outstanding quality for owners of Canon EOS wide-angle or zoom lenses. The NOVOFLEX automatic reverse adapter lets you reverse mount the lens on the camera. The ring transfers all control functions. The NOVOFLEX automatic reverse adapter is supplied with a standard 58 mm filter diameter. Stepping rings are available for other filter sizes. The NOVOFLEX Auto Reverse Adapter can also be combined with the NOVOFLEX universal bellows to form full-fledged smart bellows.
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