Panorama Plate Q6/8II Base

Panorama Plate Q6/8II Base

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  • The Novoflex Panorama Q=6/8 II is a panorama base with both free and click-stop rotation, that can be used with most any tripod heads.
  • The spirit level can be seen from above and the base also includes an integrated ARCA-compatible Camera Mount. Ball bearing construction guarantees free rotation over 360˚
  • Tripod Mount: 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 . Built-in click stops at (16)22,5°/(30)12°/(36)10° und (48)7.5° and stepless (360°).
  • Weight: 245g (8.6oz); Dimensions: 62x87mm (2.4”x3.4") Integrated spirit level
  • Ball bearing construction guarantees free rotation over 360˚. German engineered and manufactured
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The panorama panning base (PANORAMA=Q6/8II) features a ball-bearing which guarantees a neat and free of play operation, a 360°-laser engraved scaling with 5° divisions, a bubble level for exact horizontal levelling, an immersible anti-twist pin, 3/8”-1/4” tripod connection and an integrated quick release unit (type Q=MOUNT). In addition it comes with built-in click stops with increments at (6)60°/(8)45°/(10)36°/(48)7.5° as well as stepless rotation.
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