Multi Row Panorama VR-System Pro II

Multi Row Panorama VR-System Pro II

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  • The Panorama VR-System PRO II is for photographers dealing with all facets of panoramic photography, even when heavy, professional DSLR equipment is being used. Ideal for both single row and multi row panoramas.
  • Capable of all varieties of spherical panorama, perspective-corrected flat panoramas or cylindrical panoramas. Suitable lenses: focal lengths from 10mm to 220mm
  • The use of two separate panorama bases provides the ability to adjust the horizontal and vertical rotation around the nodal point of the lens.
  • Built-in click stops in both the upper/vertical and lower/horizontal panning base. A patented adjustment for 8 different click stops can be used in the lower base at 72 clicks (5°), 48 (7.5˚ ) 30 (12°), 18 (20˚ )16 (22.5°), 12 (30˚ ) 10 (36°) and stepless (360°).
  • Camera/tripod fitting: 1/4” and 3/8” / 1/4”, Weight: 1490 g (3.3 lbs) German engineered and manufactured
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The NOVOFLEX Panorama VR-System Pro II is a versatile professional system for creating panoramic photos (up to 360°) without perspective offset, by allowing the camera to pivot vertically and horizontally around the nodal point of the lens (a printed instructional manual is included). It's designed for multi-row panoramas in perspective-corrected flat or spherical projection, but is equally capable of creating classic single-row cylinder panoramas just as easily. This system includes two panorama bases, an L-bracket, a clamping plate, a spirit level for flash shoe, and a printed instructional manual. This system allows you to produce all varieties of panorama—spherical panoramas, perspective-corrected flat panoramas or classic cylindrical panoramas--even when heavy professional DSLR cameras are used.

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Tripod Mount Thread Size:
3/8" / 1/4"
Warranty Length:
Limited 2-Year Warranty
Maximum Payload Capacity (kg):
Maximum Payload Capacity (lb):
Base Diameter (in):