NOVOFLEX Multi-Media-Rig System uFly

NOVOFLEX Multi-Media-Rig System uFly

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The Novoflex Multi-Media-Rig uFly is a steady-flying system for a DSLR video camera. A MagicBall Mini ball head connects a handgrip to the main component of the support system: a three-sided, C-shaped bracket. This assembly is composed of double-sided Arca-compatible rails. The lower part of the uFly's bracket mounts the camera, and the MagicBall Mini joint moves freely around approximately 85% of the sphere to effect the steady-flying function of the rig. The position of the handle and of the camera can both be adjusted front to back, in order to balance the camera perfectly. The quick-release plate to which the camera mounts has a built-in bubble level to indicate whether the rig's weight is balanced properly. Because the camera rides below the handgrip, the uFly is ideal for capturing shots that involve extreme perspective from ground level, or for executing free-floating camera movements at body height. The uFly is designed to leave the operator with one free hand, which can be used for pulling focus, for instance. (Arca-compatible rails make it easy to add devices such as a follow focus.) The modular uFly can be combined with the Novoflex BlueBird system to attach handgrips and a chest support beneath the C-shaped bracket, for the creation of a two-way system to be employed either for sturdy support or for smooth flying movements. The uFly can also accept accessories such as external monitors and microphones by using Arca-compatible accessory mounts.