MiniConnect Professional Quick Release Adapter Kit

MiniConnect Professional Quick Release Adapter Kit

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  • The unique Novoflex MiniConnect System allows easy one-handed mounting and removal of a camera from your tripod head and requires only a small mounting stud the size of a nickel.
  • Though it is small in size, the mount between the camera and plate is extremely strong and movement free. For safety, camera removal can only happen when you first move the units safety lever to the right.
  • MiniConnect Professional QR Adapter Set Includes: 1-MiniConnect QR Adapter, 3-MC-1/4 (1/4”-20 QR Plates) and 1-MC-GURT (Shoulder Strap)
  • Tripod Mount 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16
  • German engineered and manufactured
One of the smallest and most unique quick release systems ever created, NOVOFLEX's MiniConnect is easy to use one-handed and leaves a piece on the camera that's about the size of a nickel. Despite its diminutive size, it provides great rigidity between camera and quick release adapter. Speedy loading and unloading is unmistakably positive; the large release lever can only be used when the safety on the side of the unit has first been moved to the right. MiniConnect has the unique feature of strap eyelets upon its side, allowing you to thread your camera's strap in to the quick release base instead of the camera itself. In this way, carrying two base units (one for your neck, the other for the tripod) allows your camera to face lens-down upon your neck and allows you to work from the tripod without the incumberance of the strap. The all-metal quick release plates are available in both 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 thread, with or without an incorporated anti-twist set screw. The Profiset includes three quick release plates with 1/4"-20 threads and a carrying strap for the baseplate.
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