Double Gimbal Tripod Head

Double Gimbal Tripod Head

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  • The Novoflex Falcon Double Gimbal Head allows you to use two cameras with different lenses at the same time! This gets you two distinct and simultaneous shots from the same camera position.
  • Both mounts move in precise synchronization so that tracking a subject in movement or filming during pan and tilt motion provides the option of two different focal lengths
  • Simultaneously mount two cameras, a camera and video camera, spotting scopes and more.
  • Both arms feature the Novoflex Q=Mount quick relate systems with built -in safety pins. The Falcon has a Standard Tripod Mount: 3/8”-16
  • Weight: 5.3 lbs. German engineered and manufactured
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The new NOVOFLEX Double Gimbal Head FALCON supports two camera setups and make them fly, spin and glide around their center of gravity all at once. FALCON will leave any quality conscious videographer/photographer absolutely stunned by the range of the many new possibilities. A NOVOFLEX-first, FALCON permits the use of two cameras equipped with different lenses and/or the use of different focal lengths at the same time. Perspective-wise this allows for simultaneous shots with both wide-angle and tele lenses from the same camera position. FALCON makes this easy and smooth. But there is more: for intricate camera positioning, the two camera platforms are individually adjustable both in height and tilt which results in greater flexibility.

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