NOVOFLEX Macro Bellows without Adapters with Tilt-Shift  (CASTBAL-T/S)

NOVOFLEX Macro Bellows without Adapters with Tilt-Shift (CASTBAL-T/S)

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  • Compact macro bellows with tilt/shift allows you to get small with your creative photography and videography and enlarge tiny objects with existing lenses
  • Large enough to accommodate digital cameras with interchangable lenses from 35mm and some medium format style cameras
  • Lens and camera mounting adapters allows many camera and lens combinations to be used (adapters not included)
  • Minimun Extension Range: 23mm, Maximum Extension Range: 120mm for versatile macro magnification values
  • Add NOVOFLEX Auto Reversing Rings for complete data transfer between camera and lens (Auto Reversing Rings not available for all camera models and allows only same system lenses to be used)
The NOVOFLEX Castbal Tilt-Shift Bellows Attachment is a compact bellows attachment that can be used with most DSLR, mirrorless and medium format cameras to create a Tilt-Shift system, ideal for macro photography and other applications.
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Limited 1-year Warranty
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