BasicBall Mini Tripod Head - Blue

BasicBall Mini Tripod Head - Blue

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  • The small yet incredibly strong BasicBall Mini Tripod is the ideal support base for a variety of uses, including tabletop, ground and macro photography
  • Ideal for cameras, video, flashes and audio gear, with a load capacity of 55 lbs. this small wonder can safely support your equipment
  • With three possible positions for the legs, it provides 3 height settings 2.4", 5.7", 8.3" above the resting surface
  • The 1/4” tripod head screw allows mounting of most any standard tripod head
  • The tripod weighs 2.4 lbs, is 2.4” in diameter and is German engineered and manufactured
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The NOVOFLEX BasicBall Tabletop Tripod is essentially a "do-it-yourself" tripod base that can be configured into practically any kind of set-up. The main component is a hemispherical metal piece with nine threaded 1/4"-20 holes in it that allows the height to be fixed at 2.4", 5.7", or 8.3". The BasicBall system allows you to attach one rod to make a monopod, two to make a "duopod," or three to make a tripod. The basic rods can be also screwed together for increased length. With separate purchase additional extension legs, the maximum height is 13". The BasicBall is designed for all ground level photography. Its load capacity with the standard 7.9" legs included in this listing is 55 lbs.
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